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Group Therapy

Jonathan Sibley offers the following therapy groups:

  • Holiday support groups -If you have a hard time around the Holidays due to family stress, loneliness, or the loss of a loved one, this group will provide support during and after the Holidays
  • Interpersonal groups - If you have trouble getting along with others and/or often feel misunderstood, an interpersonal group can help you get feedback on how to improve your relationships with others
  • Groups for men who are anxious in social situations - If you are a man who feels nervous dealing with others and who worries at the thought of being part of a group, this group could be for you. Join others who feel similarly and begin to experience a feeling of greater calm when dealing with others
  • Groups for expats - If you were born outside of the United States and are currently working in New Jersey, join this group to meet with others and discuss issues about what is involved in adjusting to life and work in the U.S.
  • Groups for expat spouses and partners - If you came to the United States to accompany your spouse or partner and are having trouble adjusting to life in the United States, this group is for you.