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Personal & Life Coaching

Self-help books can only take you so far

Buying the right self-help book is clearly not enough. Reading the book is often also insufficient, as most of us don't have the motivation and follow-through to do everything the book says by ourselves, even if we agree with what the author suggests. One day we look at our bookshelf and see a row of self-help books, but little progress.

If you've ever worked out with a great personal trainer, you know what it's like to make progress that would be quite difficult to achieve by yourself. As a personal / life coach, I can help you to achieve high levels of performance in your life and in your work.

Personal coaching, also known as life coaching, can help with issues such as these:

  • Getting healthier - exercising more, eating better, losing weight
  • Following through with things that never seem to get done
  • Questions about "what next" in your life
  • Overcoming obstacles that get in the way of something you have wanted to change about yourself
  • Staying motivating and becoming more effective when dating online
  • Issues with work-life balance
  • Preparing for your next promotion or improving performance after a recent promotion
  • Interpersonal issues at work
  • Adjusting to differences between cultures

And best of all, personal coaching and life coaching are available in person in Montclair, New Jersey and by phone and Skype around the world.

If you are interested in finding out more about coaching and if you'd like to explore how I might help you, I'd love to hear from you.