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Overcoming Immunity to Change Coaching for Personal Change

Change is difficult

If change were easier

  • We would only make the same New Years resolution once,and keep it
  • Everyone who wanted to stop smoking would stop - once, and for good
  • No one would gain back the weight they lost after dieting
  • It would be enough to "set our mind" on changing

Unfortunately, most of us have already changed whatever is easily changed (and what is difficult for some, may be easy for others). Fortunately, however, Harvard professors Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey have developed a process to help us succeed when tackling difficult change. They call this process "Overcoming Immunity to Change."


I have trained with Kegan and Lahey and can work with you to identify those obstacles that have been getting in the way of change. Then, together, we can identify strategies to deal with these obstacles so that you increase your likelihood of success.

Please click on the following link and request a free consultation, if you'd like to explore how I might help you create lasting change.