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Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy

It can be hard work creating and maintaining a happy relationship. Couples counseling can help.

Did you know that according to research, even happy couples that stay together have typically not "solved" over 60% of their initial disagreements? However, couples that are happy and stay together do find more effective ways to deal with disagreements and differences and to communicate their feelings.

Jonathan Sibley uses research from John Gottman, the theories of Dan Wile, and training with Sue Johnson in Emotionally-Focused Therapy to help you both find ways to create enough safety within your relationship to discuss the problems that create distance, distress, and unhappiness.

In research studies, Emotionally-Focused Therapy for couples helped over 90% of couples to improve their relationship and over 70% of couples to recover from distress.

I believe that, without finding a safe way to talk about the feelings and issues underneath the things we fight about, behavioral approaches like "go out on more dates with each other" or "give each other a backrub" are unlikely to help significantly.

If you feel like you have grown apart, or find that one of you tends to withdraw while the other seeks more and more closeness (some call this the pursuer / distancer pattern), EFT is likely to be helpful.

Couples counseling based on Emotionally-Focused Therapy is now available with Jonathan Sibley in Montclair, New Jersey.

If you'd like to explore how I might help you, please Contact Jonathan Sibley for a free consultation about how to improve your relationship.